Welcome to the dark and mystical land of Valhalla. It’s an ancient land where Gods and Demons wage war in the ultimate struggle for power and victory. For ages the battle between these formidable foes has raged on; the fighting going through never-ending cycles of conflict.

It’s a dark, mysterious world that you must conquer. Summon the mighty Resonators using the power of Will and unleash fury on your opponents. Support your Resonators on the battlefield by casting spells, or by summoning powerful Judgement Rulers (J-Rulers).

If you want to claim victory this will be a true test of your will, your strategy and your passion. So make sure you choose your team wisely.


Force of Will is 2014 English language translation of the Japanese trading card game. It’s a fast and exciting game where two players battle each other to attain victory. Each player starts with 4000 life points. The first player to lose all his life points, or finds they can’t draw anymore, loses the game.

Discover new characters
With unusual and interesting creatures and characters to get to know, Force of Will will keep you hooked long after you should have gone to bed.
Experience epic fights
A storm is brewing and you’re going to have to fight for your very existence. Battle it out in epic fights from your very first game.
Win strategic battles
Your opponent is focused on one thing: your destruction. Although the rules are simple, you have to think fast to decide on the winning strategy.
Beautiful illustrations
The cards themselves are stunning works of art. Making each card a collectors’ item in its own right.

So how do you play Force of Will?
It’s easy to learn but, as with anything new, it’s best to get some expert guidance. That’s why we invite you to a free coaching session…

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